Customer satisfaction and superior workmanship were highly valued 50 years ago, when our company first began. You can be sure that those guiding principles are still in place today. At the same time, we have embraced all of the latest aluminum extrusion techniques and equipment, in order to provide you with a product offering all the advantages of cutting-edge technology.

You can rely on us to produce aluminum extruded materials in all sizes and configurations…standard or custom…in short and long runs alike. Whatever your aluminum extrusion needs, you can feel confident that International Extrusion will do your job right – and right on time! Our modern, 350,000 square foot facility includes four aluminum extrusion presses…two 1,800 to (7” circle size) and two 2,200 ton (8” circle size)…that run 6061, 6063 and 6005 series aluminum alloys. Choose from thousands of standard dies that are conveniently accessible to you through this website or our catalog, which we will happily ship to you. If you can’t find what you need, just ask…and we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.


Trust comes with proven performance, and since our company’s formation in Alhambra, California, in 1962, we have proven our dedication to superior workmanship, job after job.

In addition to supplying aluminum extrusions for a related residential window manufacturing company at the outset, International Extrusion Corporation (IEC) produced a variety of extrusions for the open market as well. Aggressive growth, due to increased product demand, led us to add a variety of presses in the mid 60’s and 70’s, followed by the implementation of anodizing equipment. IEC added a foundry to assist in the recycling and development of aluminum extrusion material, setting the tone for continued growth. Later, a modernized paint processing line was established, allowing customers such as yourself to enjoy expanded product offerings and improved service.

In 1980, a second manufacturing/fabricating facility opened in Waxahachie, Texas. With years of experience serving as a blueprint, this modern plant combined innovative ideas and visionary extruding techniques to create a production facility of the highest caliber. Today, those same groundbreaking methods and guiding principles are at work as International Extrusion maps out clear directions for the future. As a result, you can look forward to fair value and consistent quality for years to come.